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All-Around Behavioral Services Nationwide
Federally Certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)

What we do

  • Government Capabilities Statement:
    • All-Inclusive & All Around Behavioral Services Nationwide
    • Certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB)
    •  NAICS Professional and Mental Health Codes: 621330, & 541611
  • Independent Medical Exams:
    • File Reviews, Fit for Duty, Mental Health Disability, Medical Opinions, VA Disability Benefit Questionnaire, Worker’s Compensation
  • Psychological Assessments:
    • Cognitive (IQ), Learning Disability, Personality, Neuropsychological
  • Forensic Evaluations:
    • Sexually Violent Persons (SVP)
    • Civil Commitment Examinations
    • Pre-Employment Evaluations (L3)
    • Immigration Determinations
  • Evidenced-Based Interventions:
    • Brief Solution-Focused Interventions
    • Anger Management
    • Parenting Skills
    • Grief and Loss
    • Stress Management
    • Motivational Interviewing

Comprehensive Psychological Assessments

  • In-person & Virtual Mental Health Examinations
  • Veterans Compensation and Pension (C&P) Evaluations
  • Social Security & Vocational Rehabilitation Consultative Examinations
  • Neuropsychological Evaluations. Learning & Intellectual Disability Evaluations
  • Pre-employment & Law Enforcement Examinations

Independent Medical Examinations (IME)

  • In-person & Virtual Disability Evaluations
  • Workers’ Compensation Examinations
  • Standard and Quality of Care File Review
  • Diagnosis, prognosis, capabilities Determinations 
  • Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) Opinions
  • Treatment Recommendations and Second Opinions
  • Individual Evaluation  of Functional Impairments

Evidence-Based Model of Integrated Care

  • Primary Care-Behavioral Health Consultations
  • Psychopharmacology Consultation & Second Opinions
  • Behavioral Care Management & Consultation
  • Patient Medical & Behavioral Education
  • Brief Functional Assessments (30-min. Appointments)

Medico-Legal File Reviews

  • Objective Reviews for Disability Determinations
  • Utilization, Quality, & Peer File Reviews
  • Contact with Healthcare Professionals
  • Standard of Care Clinical Opinions
  • Concise Forensically Written Reports

Sexual Offender Treatment Providers

  • In-person & Virtual Civil Commitment Determinations 
  • Sexually Violent Persons Examinations & Reviews
  • Evaluation &  Treatment of Sex Offenders 

Victim Services Personnel Consultants

  • Comprehensive Approach to Wellness and Resilience
  • In-person & Virtual Assessments & Interventions
  • Brief Solution-Focused Modality & Interventions 


Who We Are

Modern Psychological Network was founded by an experienced and compassionate husband and wife team, Baron and Jessica Crespo. With combined degrees and experience in clinical psychology they are perfectly suited to provide highest standards of the service. Modern Psychological Network’s processes allow for the flexible and versatile operation of a group of diverse Licensed Clinicians specialized in clinical psychological assessments, and forensic psychology. All providers are competent to perform clinical psychological screenings & evaluations, and licensed to do so independently. Modern Psychologist Network uses modern methods, techniques, and procedures that function in a unique way, and are considered a secret of the trade. We have more than eight years performing psychological evaluations according to the highest standards of the psychology.


Dr. Baron Crespo

Chief Psychologist

Dr. Jessica Crespo

Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Lindsey Wilner

Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Melissa Malavé

Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Alyssa Aguilar

Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Ingrid N. Atiles

Licensed Psychologist

Dana Hall, MA

Licensed Professional Counselor

Candice Viero, MA

Mental Health Clinician

Amber Moreland, MA

Mental Health Clinician


Atlanta, GA

Birmingham, AL

Cheyenne, WY

Chicago, IL

Dallas, TX

El Paso, TX

Fresno, CA

Gettysburg, PA

Houston, TX

Los Angeles, CA

Madison, WI

Miami, FL

Milwaukee, WI

Oakland, CA

Orlando, FL

Sacramento, CA

San Antonio, TX

Tallahassee, FL

Temple, TX

Washington, DC

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